Cars = Evil

March 10, 2008

I almost got hit by a car today. Twice. Not the same car, two different ones. This morning on the way to college a white van just breezed past me while I was on a zebra crossing. He saw me and everything, just for some reason decided not to slow down.

I already hate white vans because many times me or my friends have been walking along and from the rolled down window of some battered Ford Transit comes: “Oi, wanker! Why’n't yuh cut yer ‘air, yeh wanker!? Wonderful.

The other time was on my way home when I’m (again) on a zebra crossing and I (foolishly, I know) expected this blue people carrier to stop so I could cross. As is the law. Of course, the problem with that law is that it doesn’t allow for absolute pricks on their mobile phone with their eyes firmly locked on the speedometer without noticing the outside world… to do what they do.

Got clipped by his wing mirror too. Not fun.

That was my day.


March 8, 2008

I moved the blog from Blogger today, because I like Edublogs more. Yeah. That’s why there’s like four posts in the space of a few minutes.

Baby Bible Bashers

March 7, 2008

I just finished watching Baby Bible Bashers, a Channel 4 documentary about evangelical Christian preachers – who are children.

That was some fucked up shit.

To elaborate: It followed the story of three young missionaries aged between 7 and 12 years, as they spread the word of Jesus in their communities, or took their show on the road (so to speak).

Wait a minute, just writing a synopsis doesn’t convey the horror I felt while watching this. Watch it yourself.

Holy fucking god, let me think about this. I’m in shock. It makes me irretrievably depressed when I think about things like this. I get utterly confused and worried.

OK, Let me explain a few things first.

I enjoy debates and discussions as much as anybody, probably more, but when they are over and I’m running though the arguments in my mind, I find myself going off on tangents that, were I conversing with another person and not my own mind, would be terribly difficult to explain. This though process is hard to summarise for text, so bear with me. Basically, I start to run hypotheticals in my mind with myself, in order to explore other issues when I don’t have someone to talk to. (In fact I do this anyway because it’s a lot easier than having a proper discussion, I’ll get to that later.) The point I’m making is that when you explore issues in your mind, presenting yourself with obstacles to be overcome in order to test the strengths and weaknesses of a particular line of thought, you never have to explain your point articulately to the other side.

Please, bear with me.

Imagine a discussion to be like a game of table tennis. One player serves, and presents a perspective on the issue being discussed. The other players returns the serve, presenting their agreements and disagreements with the other players perspective. The ball passes between them as they share ideas and create hypotheses, eventually coming to a conclusion on the issue (or perhaps not, it is not always necessary or desirable to neatly wrap up a discussion as I’m sure you know). That’s a discussion. This analogy is not perfect. In a discussion the two (or more) sides, are not in competition, if they are then that’s a debate. Imagine it more like a game of catch then.

Now imagine playing this “discussion game” with yourself. That’s the point I’m getting at. It makes the whole thing a lot simpler by removing unnecessary explanation.

Fuck, this post is getting long I haven’t even started on the topic yet.

Whenever we think about an issue we make certain assumptions to support our views. And the same when we are arguing, fighting, debating, whatever.The truth is that the assumptions we, in fact everyone involved, makes are not there to support the opposing points of view but the argument itself. For example, the Baby Bible Bashers and their parents/guardians/morbidly obese grandparents/whatever in the documentary assume that anyone who does not accept their words is a sinner and will burn in hell, just as those who argue with them assume that the BBBs etc are blinkered, fundamentalist, intolerant, hypocritical xenophobes without two brain cells to rub together.

But I, in my lonely hours of complex inward contemplation, have found, if not a solution, then at least another level of complication that projects the debates we see everywhere (I mean everywhere, on every street corner, in every house, in every political race, in every current affairs discussion on every newsreel in every country in the world) to level of futility that makes my mind reel with sheer sadness and abject terror at the human condition.

Stop me if I’m going too fast.

Wait, you can’t.

Anyway my point is this: it’s all relative.

Through this method of essentially “talking to myself” I have reached a conclusion (a personal one, on no account am I trying to convince you of its legitimacy) on exactly why it is that people disagree with each other to such an extent that some views are considered “radical”. I have decided that it is completely impossible to actually attempt to understand life, the universe and everything from another person’s point of view, try as we might, because in actually shifting our perspective to that extent would be enough to drive us totally insane (I realise I’m using the collective here, just imagine I’m not). In other words: each of our personal worlds is based entirely on empirical evidence, and as such it is impossible to perceive a world based on evidence from any other source, or even to confirm that such a world exists.

To quote/paraphrase a character from the Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy by Douglas Adams: “My universe is my eyes and ears, everything else is hearsay.”

You with me?

As a result of this conclusion I have decided not to attempt to understand the reasoning behind the Baby Bible Bashers’ actions, and just to accept that there are some things I will never understand.


Wow. When I started this post I didn’t expect it to go on like this. It says something about what happens when you write stuff down that I hadn’t had half of these ideas when I sat down to type.

That’s enough philosophy for today.

That is all.


March 7, 2008

I think there’s not enough activity going on on this blog so I’m just going to write about some things. Talk about blogs I read, etc.

Actually there aren’t that many that I read.

Here’s one though: It’s about games and stuff. It’s written by the same guy who did a Half-Life 2 comic a while back called Concerned. Very funny, about a guy called Gordon Frohman. It’s an in joke. Anyway, I recommend it.


Maybe I’m not cut out to be blogger. I’m not very prolific. It’s been what, 5, 6 days since my last post? Most blogs seem to have 2-3 a week. Not good I guess. On the other hand I don’t want to force myself to write posts just because I feel I have to.

I think I’ll just try to write posts whenever I find something interesting to write about, and hope that a lot of interesting things happen to me. Not likely, to be honest.

Sorry, I’m being a bit of a pessimist today. Enough blog forecasting.

This doesn’t seem to be going anywhere does it? How about this:

“Join me again next week for this episode of “Let’s Make No Fucking Sense,” when I will be waxing an owl.”

That wacky enough for you?

I remembered

March 7, 2008

I remembered what else I wanted to talk about. It was only about one minute ago that I finished my last post, but it was getting kind of long so I thought I’d make a new one rather than edit it. It’s about the name of my blog. Someone, somewhere knows this (in fact quite a few people know this, but seeing as my blog readership currently totals 0.0% of the total population of Earth, I’m going to record it for posterity anyway), but Fantasy Bazaar is the name of the comic book shop in the sitcom Spaced.

Wow, what kind of first impressions does that leave you with I wonder?
“What? Comic books! I’m not reading this blog, it’s for geeks and other similar people!”
“Hooray yet another blog that spreads the joy of the graphic novel!”

Just to be clear, I’ve never read a comic book in my life (I’ve read a few graphic novels such as Flight but no comics) for no reason other than when I was growing up I was more into video games and novels that comics. That’s all. I mention Fantasy Bazaar not because of its reading material but because of its staff, played by Bill Bailey and Simon Pegg, two heroes of mine. Also as any fans of Spaced will know, it is laced with intertextual references to films, books, TV shows, music and comics. So this is a kind of meta-reference, referencing the show and alluding the show’s penchant for referencing other texts in doing so. Neat, huh?

I’m liking the stream-of-consciousness thing, I think it’s going well. If I’d premeditated this post I probably would have omitted the first impressions bit in fear of offending people (something to which I am, at times, excruciatingly sensitive to) and the post’s realism would have suffered. This way’s better.

That is all.


March 7, 2008

Sorry about the first post, I’m going to delete it. I don’t know who I’m saying sorry to seeing as a I doubt anyone actually read it, but it was too contrived and that’s not what I want my blog to be like. I want it to be a stream-of-consciousness thing, writing as I think of things. It’s quite hard as my hands can’t really keep up with my brain. Even when I was thinking about this post earlier I was trying not to because I could see it coming out perfectly but I knew that when I came to write it down it would seem contrived. So I wrote this instead. Contrived writing is obviously good in its place, that goes without saying, but it’s not real. If you try to premeditate what you are going to write for comic or dramatic effect, or whatever, it’s like a posed photograph. It may serve the purpose and look good, but it’s not real. Raw writing, like unposed photos, is alive and more real than the best thought-out imitation.

Even the title of this blog is too contrived for my liking. Whenever I type it or read it my stomach squirms with embarrassment that I could write something so angled and adjusted to meet criteria. Although, I guess the title does have to be contrived because I’d regret it later if it wasn’t. I think that if I want to make a particular point with a post or address a certain issue then it will be premeditated and the better for it, but most of the time I’d prefer to refrain from doing that to keep the writing clean and real.

There was somethings else I wanted to say but I can’t remember what it was not because I went to get some breakfast. I could talk about something else but maybe I won’t. Yeah this post is quite long already.

That is all.